Data Discussion at 2021 ComicsPRO Open House

As part of the ComicsPRO Open House on October 14th, ComicsPRO hosted an industry wide data discussion. Retailers, Publishers, Distributors, Data Professionals, and Book Industry Professionals were all invited. Participants discussed recent data fragmentation in the Industry, series codes, variant codes, best standards, improving data flow, older standards vs. new…

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New Board Elected at ComicsPRO Comic Industry Conference

Over 475 comic industry professionals gathered online for the 2021 Comic Industry Conference sponsored by ComicsPRO.     Born out of the ComicsPRO Annual Meeting, the Comic Industry Conference brings together retailers, publishers, distributors, and other vendors to discuss comic industry issues.   The event was held online from February 18-20.   This gathering…

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We are back!

After a taking a year’s sabbatical, ComicsPROgress – the official ComicsPRO newsource – is up and running again. Due to covid-19, and most retailers focusing on their stores, we chose to let lay dormant since last February. But now, we plan to once again start sharing news and other…

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