ComicsPROgress has just added a Knowledge Base!


ComicsPROgress has set up a KNOWLEDGE BASE. (A repository of information for comic book stores to help them save money, increase sales, and run more efficiently). Members asked us to provide an online repository of information at one of our last meetings.

The KNOWLEDGE BASE will have public information (for all comic stores, publishers, and Distributors) and a members-only section for members-only info.

You can access the Knowledge Base off the front page of our webpage or follow this link.

1st three tips (Under Comic Book Store Tips)

1. Directory of Wholesale Suppliers of Comics and Graphic Novels.

2. Selling Graphic Novels to Kids (a presentation ComicsPRO hosted at San Diego Comic-Con).

3. List of Events to Celebrate at your store

If you are a comic store retailer, publisher, or distributor and would like to submit information, please let us know! You can send all requests to

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