Retailer Sentiment Survey. Distributors ranked.  Lunar tops in packing.  Retailers feel Diamond shipping costs are high.

ComicsPRO released the results of a survey that measured retailer sentiment towards the various distributors in the Direct Market.  The survey asked retailers to rank Diamond Comic Distributors, Lunar Distribution and Penguin Random House Publisher Services on a variety of different categories. “With the diversification of distribution, it’s important to…

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2022 Keynote Speech

President of the ComicsPRO Board, Jenn Haines, gave the Keynote Speech for the 2022 Comic Indsutry Meeting. ….. “We are all risk-takers, we are all tenacious to a fault, we are all ready and able to pivot when things go wrong. We are also all exhausted, because these COVID times…

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Data Discussion at 2021 ComicsPRO Open House

As part of the ComicsPRO Open House on October 14th, ComicsPRO hosted an industry wide data discussion. Retailers, Publishers, Distributors, Data Professionals, and Book Industry Professionals were all invited. Participants discussed recent data fragmentation in the Industry, series codes, variant codes, best standards, improving data flow, older standards vs. new…

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