X-Men titles top comic charts at Challengers; 25 out of top 100 graphic novels are all ages

Challengers Comics, in Chicago, Illinois recently posted their top 100 selling comics and 100 selling graphic novels for the 2019.

Some observations:

  • KID GLOVES was their top-selling graphic novel! Challengers had an creator event for it. In fact, 5 Graphic Novels in the Top 39 are books they had creator events for. (That goes to show how successful creator events can be in selling books).
  • 25 of their top 100 Graphic Novels were All ages.
  • Author Tom King had 29 spots in their top 100 comics list.
  • Image Comics had 34 books in the top 100 graphic novels list.
  • Only manga to crack top 100 was My Hero Academia. (Multiple titles)
  • Detective Comics #1000 (DC) was the top selling comic. But the next 14 hottest sellers were all X-Men related. (Marvel)

Challenger’s Top 100 Comics:

Challenger’s Top 100 Graphic Novels:

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