Why Join ComicsPRO

As a member, you get various benefits:

  • Access to information. Through email and through Facebook group posts by members, information is shared that will make and/or save you money. Articles have included new sales techniques, “hot” comics, deals from vendors, store promotions, and more.
  • Members only promotions. Publishers print special books that only ComicsPRO members can order. Publishers also produce ComicsPRO exlusive variant editions for our annual meeting.
  • Discounts. Members get discounts on all our programming and also get discounts from various suppliers that we have agreements with.
  • Discounted Credit Card Processing Rate. Our strength in numbers allowed us to negotiate some of the lowest rates in the industry.

Most importantly, however, your membership also allows us to perform vital work which ends up helping ALL store-front retailers.

With member support, we’ve been able to:

  • Successfully lobby various Publishers and Diamond to change actions that would negatively impact store-front retailers.
  • Educate retailers at various conferences throughout the year.
  • Mentor prospective retailers.
  • Establish as a great source of information for comic retailers.
  • Provide the main logistical support for 24-Hour Comic Day and for Local Comic Shop Day.
  • Establish important partnerships and connections with publishers, Diamond, bookstore distributors, and other players in the industry. These partnerships have helped us communicate quickly and effectively when we need to.

Our organization is made up of retailers who are looking ahead and want to move the comic industry forward.         If that sounds like something you’d like to do, please join us!

You CAN make a difference in this industry.     Please contact for more information.

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